The Big Sew Off is coming to Glasgow!

Glasgow Big Sew Off

And we have a Glasgow contingency of Great British Sewing Bee contestants sewing for The Big Sew Off.

Thank you to Jen Hogg @jenerates (series 5) who has been cooking up plans to get together with Serena Baker @serenasews_ (series 7) and Ben Moore @benmmoore (series 5) to do some sewing with cashmere surplus in the Studio Workshop of Nomad Surplus Luxury Textiles @nomad_slt  in Glasgow. They’ll also be joined by Deborah Lobban @dastardlyline during the evening of 12th May.

Jen and Ben have been firm friends since they met on series 5 of the Sewing Bee.  Ben works in science, continues to sew and also runs a thriving portrait photography business – we love his headshots on Instagram.

Jen is also running her own business, selling her unqiue designs of sewing tools and notions at  She’s sent Jenerates Seam Circles and sewing rulers all over the world and has been featured by all of the major UK sewing magazines.  She tells us it’s essentially a selfish business – everything she designs is for herself first!

Serena has been super busy since winning series 7 of the Sewing Bee – the youngest ever winner!  As well as studying medicine at Edinburgh University, she’s found time to write a sewing book, look out for Serena Sews hitting the shelves very soon.  Deborah launched Dastardly Line in 2019, aiming to become a secondary factory to the Scottish textiles industry, designing solutions and tackling varying waste streams one by one.  She makes beautiful blankets, scarves and coats with cashmere surplus.

The Glasgow contingency will be sewing in the studio workshop of Nomad SLT, using surplus from the Scottish textile industry.  Nomad sells all kinds of surplus, from large pieces to narrow cashmere and silk tapes – the surplus left over when scarves are sliced from the loom.